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United States Army Recruiting Command US ARMY WARRANT OFFICER PROCUREMENT PROGRAM SAMPLE APPLICATION AND 2011The information contained in this sample application
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hey there how's it going everybody in this video we'll continue with our Flash series by learning how to create forms and also how to validate user input so the application that we're going to be creating is going to have the ability for users to create accounts login make posts and logout and things like that and the first part of that process is to create a registration page where a user can create an account on the website and then be able to log in and log out and that's what we're going to be doing in this video so let's go ahead and get started now if you were to create forms from scratch then that can get pretty complicated pretty fast you would have to put in different kinds of validation checks to make sure that the user was inserting information correctly you'd also have to make sure that their passwords matched and you might have to write some regular expressions to make sure that they entered a valid email and things like that but luckily this process is so common that we don't have to reinvent the wheel there are extensions out there that have already put in all the hard work so that you don't have to and the most popular extension for working with forms and flask is called WT forms and that's what we're going to be using in this video so first we have to install this and we can do this with a simple pip install so I'm here with in my virtual environment but you could also do this without a virtual environment so I will say pip install and that is flask - WTF for WT forms so we'll run that and go through the installation and once that's installed I'm going to open up our existing project and our text editor so I'm going to open up sublime text here and now let's create a file where we can put these forms so I'm going to create another file in our project directory and I'm going to call this forms dot py now these forms could go directly into that application module that we've been writing but it's best to split things like this out into their own files so that everything has its own place that way if we need to update a form in the future then we know exactly where to look so it's better to have this stuff split up into smaller more manageable sections of code rather than one larger application file where everything is in one place and hard to find okay so now within this file let's create our forms so first let's import this into our application by saying from flask underscore WTF import and we want to import flask for now if you've done web development for some time and then you may be used to writing forms in HTML and this is going to be a little different using this flask extension so we will actually be writing Python classes that will be representative of our forms and then they will automatically be converted in the HTML forms within our template so let's see how to do this so let's say that we wanted to create a...